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Check out our Facebook Page for Crowe Custom Counters and Granite Countertop Warehouse. This is a place where you can see all the activity taking place. This is where you can see our new arrivals. If you have been waiting for a hard to get color and wanted to get a notice as soon as possible, we suggest liking our Facebook Page.  As soon as we get a new arrival it gets posted right away. Our Facebook page is also the place where you can see our specials and sales. One of the most popular promotions is our Daily Specials. Since we are one of the largest importers of stone we have a great deal of inventory coming through our warehouses and the daily special is how we liquidate stock. You can keep up to date with our specials and sales.

Facebook Page for Granite Sales

facebook graniteAnother reason to checkout our Facebook page is to keep up with new products and services. Since our company is constantly reacting to the needs of our customers, it is very important to keep up with the latest products and techniques. Our Facebook page is the place where we introduce different products. Whether we are adding a new engineered stone to our portfolio or adding the latest copper sink to our collection, our Facebook page is where you can learn about our new additions.

The Facebook page is where we let folks know about the different events that we participate and organize. Last month, we were in the annual Pigs and Peaches Festival in Kennesaw and Facebook was how we told our customers about the event. Other times we do cookouts at our showroom and people can find out about the event by liking us. A popular part of our Facebook Page is our articles about natural and engineered stone including topics like how to care for the stone, the making of engineered stone, new concepts in design, color matching, decoration tips as well as trends and ideas. Crowe Custom Countertops