Granite Color Spotlight: Black Pearl

Black Pearl granite is quarried in India. It is a grey and black stone with metallic silver mineral deposits. From a distance, it looks black or dark grey in color with no visibly large patterns or mineral deposits. When you get closer to the granite, you can see the amazing combination of minerals that are present.It’s generally uniform in color,with the shades ranging from a medium to a dark grey. Some unusual slabs can even possess a slightly blue tinge.

Black Pearl granite can look a little different from room to room, depending on the lighting. In rooms with a lot of natural light, the silver and grey minerals will reflect and be more noticeable. In darker rooms the stone will take on a deeper tone and seem more black than grey.

Black Pearl granite has a generally uniform color tone with little variation. The silver pearl minerals are one of the main reasons that attract people to this granite color. If you have a dark kitchen, you should consider additional lighting fixtures to enhance and bring out the sparkle in the granite.

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