Design Spotlight: Local restaurant owners came in to look at granite, they chose Santa Cecilia Classic

Santa Cecilia Classic Design Project by Lori Sheen

When local restaurant owners of Rosaria’s Italian Restaurant in Kennesaw, Penny and Frank came in to look at granite, they said they wanted to have a “warm, inviting kitchen”. They wanted a kitchen where their friends and family could spend time together. After shopping and talking with many granite countertop companies, they chose us from a recommendation.

“…when making our final decision on who to entrust our business with, (because we did get quotes from other granite companies), we went to our trusted friend and Realtor for his advice. He told us he used Crowe Custom Countertops for his own counters and highly recommends them!”

At Crowe Custom Counters and the Granite Countertop Warehouse, we focus in the design and the understanding that we must deliver a superior product that not only looks great but also complements the existing décor including cabinetry, flooring, lighting, fixtures, walls, appliances etc. Without a focus on design, the fabrication suffers. When we found out that we needed to please the discerning eye of restaurant owners, we knew that we needed to get a design that meets the expectations of food service professionals. We understood that they needed to speak with Lori Sheen.

granite design center AtlantaLori Sheen is one of  our best designers with over 30 years in the industry and is classically trained in the art of design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. It would take Lori’s knowledge and experience to meet Penny’s and Frank’s expectations. After a brief consultation over the phone, Lori invited them to our Design Center in Acworth. The Design Center is a large showroom with large granite counters where customers visit to discuss their project. This gives Lori the opportunity to answer their questions and connect a face to the project. The center is filled with vignettes that show off countertops, sinks, woods, edge profiles, faucets and other accessories. After bringing in a cabinet door and discussing thoroughly, they walked to the slab yard and picked out a slab Santa Cecilia Classic. (It is important to view the actual slab because it is natural stone is unique in the composition of the color)

Penny and Frank chose Santa Cecilia Classic with a quarter bevel edge profile because it paired well will the golden oak cabinetry and beautiful hardwood floors. The Santa Cecilia Classic along with the cabinetry and flooring contrasted perfectly with the stainless steel appliances, tile backsplash, fixtures and contemporary lighting. Penny and Frank were very happy with their kitchen and sent us the photos below. You can see how the desired look juxtaposition of new and old was achieved in the before and after pictures.

Before Santa Cecilia Classic


“Penny and Frank told me they wanted granite that would encompass the warmth of their existing cabinets and floors and also be timeless and I think we achieved that!”-Lori Sheen

After Santa Cecilia Classic

After Santa Cecilia Classic

Lori is one of our senior designers that we go to when we have a project that has a particular set of challenges that requires the best. If you would like to speak to Lori with no obligation and get her opinion on a certain project, you can make an appointment with her.

About Rosaria’s
Rosaria’s Italian Restaurant is family owned and operated. Originally the family came from Sicily to Chicago, Illinois where they opened their first Italian restaurant in 1969. Over the years they established other restaurants throughout the Chicago area. On October 15, 2002 Rosaria’s Italian & Pizza opened in Kennesaw, Georgia. Great Pride is taken in the preparation of food and only quality ingredients are used to produce authentic homemade Italian cuisine. So when taste matters, come join the family at Rosaria’s for a home cooked meal.