Exotic Granite Importer gets the Best Prices

How we get the best prices for Exotic Granite

Granite countertop Warehouse has grown to be one of the largest exotic granite importers in the South. We have one of the largest inventories of exotic granite and color variations that cannot be beat. Not only are our inventories well equipped to meet the most discerning of tastes, we have the fabrication experience to customize and shape to tackle any project. Our granite countertops installation is also top of the line, but at a low cost. Having fabricated and installed thousands of countertops over the years, we are confident that we can meet your design needs quickly and within budget.

What is exotic granite?

Exotic Granite Quarry

Exotic Granite Quarry

Exotic granite is a natural stone that is considered unique and has a wide range of color variation within each slab. Each slab contains lots of veining and variation within the slab. Most of our customers come with an idea of what they are looking for and usually end upgrading to exotic granite colors once they view some of the complexities and other attributes of the stones. They are especially amazed of the affordability that they get from us. The exotic granite countertops price per square foot is much lower than ever before! Not only does greater efficiency lower the price when using our state of the art technology to cut and shape the counters, we are direct importers.

Since we are one of the largest importers of stone, we are able to purchase large quantities directly from the quarry. Our buyers travel throughout the globe looking for the best natural stone and by eliminating the middlemen as well as the other layers of costs; we are able to offer superior pricing. Since we transport ourselves and use our own shipping, the savings that we offer our customers is quite remarkable.

When designing your project, we recommend paying us a visit to look at our inventories. Don’t be limited by your selection from big box stores or your neighborhood fabricator. Come check out what we have to offer. Our showroom is open 7 days a week for your convenience and we have expert designers ready to answer all your questions.