Have you considered Limestone Countertops?

Limestone Countertops are more popular than ever

As one of the largest fabricators and installers on stone in the South, Granite Countertop Warehouse and Crowe Custom Counters are able to see trends in the marketplace. Throughout the years many popular trends in design take hold of the market and change the ways people view the homes. From fancy new engineered stone to edge profiles, our designers are at the front lines of countertop innovation and décor trends. Over the years we have fabricated and installed many different types of stone countertops in homes and businesses all over the South including Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.

One of the most popular natural stones for countertops in the last few years is limestone and it seems that kitchens are the most popular room in the house for this material. Is seems that foodies and pro chefs have been promoting limestone countertops in their cooking and design shows because of the luxurious colors that limestone comes in. Many liken it to marble but with greater durability and heat resistance.  The light color hues complement many of today’s high end appliances.

limestone countertops

limestone countertops

Since limestone is a natural stone, inventories change depending on the quarry and global demand. If you would like for us to check on a particular color or variation of color, use our color locator to check our inventories. You can also visit our slabyard in Acworth Georgia.

One of the biggest reasons that limestone countertops have become so popular is that it is perceived as a “luxury” color that has been known to increase home values. Many realtors know that to mention that a home has limestone countertops is a big factor in the desirability of the home. People are really attracted to the origin of limestone. They like the idea that limestone is formed by petrification of aquatic life and especially enamored with the uniqueness of each slab. To speak to a designer of how limestone can fit into your décor, visit our design center or make an appointment. We are very happy to meet with you with no obligation.