Question of the Day: What are some simple tips to maintain granite counter tops?

Granite counter tops need little maintenance to keep the beautiful look. Today we will cover the simple things we can do and tomorrow we will cover the thing we should not do to our counter tops

1-When placing glasses, cups, pitchers or other containers that contain liquids that may leave condensation on the outside, use coasters or napkins to protect stone counters from discoloration.

2-If you happen to spill something on your counter tops, you must clean the spill straightaway in order to prevent staining or discoloration.

3-For daily maintenance, It is recommended that you wipe your granite counter tops regularly with a mild and nonabrasive cleaner….preferably one that specializes in natural stone surfaces.

4-Keep several cutting boards in your kitchen so that you will not cut directly on the stone in order to prevent scratches on the sealer.

5-Keep a couple of trivets on hand to place hot pots and pans. This will prevent the heat from creating discoloration on the sealer.

Granite Countertop Maintenance

Countertop Maintenance Tips