Question of the Day: What should i avoid to make sure my granite countertops are well maintained?

Dont put chemicals on granite counters

Dont put chemicals on granite counters

Yesterday’s question was about identifying the things you should do to maintain your granite counters. Today we will go over a few tips on what not to do and things to avoid.

1-Avoid placing hot pots and pans right on top of the granite because it may cause discoloration by burning the sealer. Also, it may cause a rare but real crack due to extreme temperature fluctuation. Use a cutting board or similar protection.

2-Avoid abrasive and scouring pads that would remove the sealers. Use cloth, paper towels or soft sponges.

3-Avoid cleaning granite counters with chemicals that are not specific designed for granite counters or very mild like soft dish soap. Avoid the following:

  • Bleach or products containing bleach
  • Ammonia or products containing ammonia
  • Abrasives like ajax or comet
  • Paint thinners or paint removers
  • Oven and stove cleaners
  • Waxes not specific to granite
  • Polishes not specific to granite

4-Do not try to reseal granite counters without checking with us to determine if it will void the sealant warranty.

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